Big Elm Brewing

We (Bill & Christine) met working for Victory Brewing Company in 2003. We both had some experience at smaller breweries before, and one of us (Christine) actually has a diploma for brewing from the Siebel Institue and the Doemens Academy! With this background we set out to start our own brewpub and in 2005 we opened the Pittsfield Brew Works. After five years of fun and hard work we decided to leave the brewpub business to try to start a production brewery dedicated to making just beer and smiles. It took some time and we had a couple of kids along the way, but with a ton of help and support from our friends and family just as we were about to give up we found our new home. 65 Silver St. needed a bit of elbow grease to get it to what it is now and in the fall of 2012 we brewed our first batch of beer. Since then we have been focused on bringing our neighbors fresh quality beer. We want to thank everyone who has helped us get to this point and everyone who is supporting us now, you are OUR ROOTS.